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Numbers 3 SUMIF-COUNTIF-month bug

Apple Numbers miscalculates since version 3. Do not update. 

So I updated my Mac OS X to Mavericks and Numbers to version 3 via the app store.

After opening my personal finance sheet in Numbers, the new version of Numbers striped of some formattimgs which made it look ugly, but nothing dramatic.

Things started to become confusing when I started to update some numbers. Sudenly in the sum table I saw some numbers that could be impossibly correct. What happened?

Turns out Numbers has a severe calculation bug that apears to mix up cell coordinates. I made a very small and simple version of the sheet that does nothing more than showing the bug.

Notice the formula at the bottom of the next image. My Mac is set to German so the formula reads SUMMEWENN which should be SUMIF in the english version:

As you see, Numbers 3 adds the value of two months into one cell, while Numbers 2.3 added each month in one cell.

Download The example file here: Numbers3bug_0.dmg (File size 40MB)

If you have an idea how I can offer the file as a much smaller file, please tell me :-)

Update 1:

Pitsanu Prabriputaloong tested an found that my file calculates correctly with his Numbers 3. Thanks.

Could someone with a German Mac test the file, please?

Update 2:

I am not the only one, but not everyone has this bug.

It seems that this bug is dependant on the date format or language.

Update 3:

I changed the language format of the operating system to english, then reopened the Numbers file -> fixed.

This workaround doesn't solve the problem but we now know how to test.

Update 4:

The same bug appears on a German iPad.

Update 5:

The bug seems to be in German language but not in English lanuage:

Januar and Frebruar are treated as the same month

März and April are treated as the same month

and so on.


Update 6:

I can reproduce the bug in english and by its nature I'm pretty sure I can reproduce it in any language.

Numbers fails when and if the month names match the language of the operating system.

So January and February are treated as the same month when you set the language of your operating system to english.

Update 7:

I can't reproduce this bug in Numbers 3.01.


Thanks Apple :-)


The most interesting discussion is here at